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The Abila Partner Ecosystem includes three types of partners:

  • Abila Business Partners – Authorized to resell and implement one or more Abila products including MIP Fund Accounting, MIP Advance, Grant Management, Elevate, Fundraising 50, and Abila Fundraising Online.
  • Abila Implementation Partners – Authorized to provide implementation services around Abila’s netFORUM products.
  • Abila Product Partners – Offer products that are add-ons or that integrate with one or more Abila product.

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Products offered by Find a Partner – The Abila Marketplace

AvidInvoice - Electronic Invoicing & WorkflowAvidInvoice is designed to mirror your current approval process and workflows, but without all of the paper and inefficiency. By automating the process, your company will be able to track invoices electronically, streamline workflows, and have a central repository for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data. Contact us for quote
Check Clearing TM8Every organization needs to include the bank reconciliation as a critical step in their accounting internal controls. But for organizations that write a large number of checks (more than 1000 per month, for example), the bank reconciliation is a major task.

Now it can be a great deal easier!

Check Clearing TM8 can read a file prepared by your bank with last month's activity and mark the checks found there as cleared for your bank reconciliation.

Then, when you open the screen to start the process in MIP, you'll find that the checks are already marked for you!

And it performs two very important validations for you: it confirms that all the check activity in the bank's file reflects checks that exist in MIP and that those checks cleared for the same amount as they were written. If either of those is not the case, you'll be warned even before the system offers to clear the good ones. So you are alerted to the problems at the beginning of the process and not after two frustrating days of trying to figure out why it doesn't reconcile.
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PowerPlan BudgetingIf your organization has outgrown the use of spreadsheets for building your budgets and forecasts, PowerPlan software can help you streamline the process while providing tools for valuable insight. Contact us for quote