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The Abila Partner Ecosystem includes three types of partners:

  • Abila Business Partners – Authorized to resell and implement one or more Abila products including MIP Fund Accounting, MIP Advance, Grant Management, Elevate, Fundraising 50, and Abila Fundraising Online.
  • Abila Implementation Partners – Authorized to provide implementation services around Abila’s netFORUM products.
  • Abila Product Partners – Offer products that are add-ons or that integrate with one or more Abila product.

Discover our new Product Partners — offering products that integrate with Abila’s new MIP Advance™. Learn More

Please search the Abila Marketplace by typing your criteria in the search engine or select one of the following partner types to see a directory:

Products offered by Find a Partner – The Abila Marketplace

Capital Business SolutionsCongratulations to Capital Business Solution, Abila's Business Partner of the Month!
CBS has specialized in consulting with nonprofits for more than 17 years. Working with CBS insures organizations receive the highest ROI from their software technology.

Authorized to sell MIP Fund Accounting, MIP Advance, and Grant Management.

3725 National Drive, Suite 140, Raleigh, NC 27612

(843) 971-9061
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PowerPlan BudgetingIf your organization has outgrown the use of spreadsheets for building your budgets and forecasts, PowerPlan software can help you streamline the process while providing tools for valuable insight. Contact us for quote
UMSUtility Management Solution (UMS) is the latest technology in Customer Information Systems and Utility Billing applications. UMS provides our clients with an integrated suite of modules and interfaces offering wide-ranging CIS Utility Billing functionality. Contact us for quote